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Palm Reading

A Palm Reading offers basic information mainly about yourself a great reading for teenagers or young adults It focuses on the lines in your palms that represents...Call Call Now

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Hi, My name is Tammy. Thanks for taking time out of scrolling thru the many Psychics and Spell Casters that I am more than sure you've seen thru out your search for help to read and look thru my site! I am so Excited to share with you my gifts!


230 N. Palm Canyon dr.
Palm Springs CA, 92262
Phone: (760)-422-6065
Email: ladyfortune@yahoo.com

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Spiritual Adviser

Tammy" describes herself in different ways: “literary psychic,” “clairvoyant,” “numerologist” and “tarot card reader.” But I think of Tammy as a spiritual and personal advisor who, with great mastery, employs a variety of tools to help me move on to a more successful future.

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House Clearings

Physical structures retain energy. When we move into a home, we buy plenty of cleaning supplies in order to get rid of the former occupant's dirt and germs. But how many of us consider leftover energies from previous tenants? By removing stuck energies and entities, you'll feel more comfortable and safe in every room of your home. This service is great for those clients wishing to buy and sell homes.

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Our Testimonial

  • Anita ,Cathedral City Ca

    Tammy's reading was very telling. She gave me a lot of good insight and followed up with an amazing plan of action. Tons of references, books, meditations and readings to lead me toward a more fulfilling life. Thank you Tammy for your device and your gift.

  • Jacob ,Indian Wells Ca

    "I have been reading with Tammy over the past year. She has been amazing in predicting my future such as career change. Make sure you take mental notes of what Tammy says during your reading with her as everything will play out in the end even though at the moment you might feel what she says is non-sense. Thank you so much for reading with me I know I wasn't always the most pleasant

  • Michelle ,Cathedral City Ca

    "I have been a client of Tammy's for over eight years and she is incredibly gifted and accurate. Tammy's reads her clients with compassion and love, good or bad she "walks" you through whatever she sees. Tammy is very honest and straight forward and I feel that she loves every client she has. You will not regret recieving a reading from her ... she has a heart of gold!"